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Albania and Kosovo Campus Ministry - Cru

Agustin and Enrieta are reaching out to college students in Tirana, Albania to share with them the gospel. Albania is approximately 70% Muslim, 20% Orthodox and 10% Catholic, while the students primarily express an atheistic-materialistic culture. Evangelicals make up less than 1% of the population.


Gusti’s mission with CRU brings him onto college campuses where he teaches, disciples and mentors staff and volunteers.  We work closely in partnership with the local/global church as we help raise the next generation of disciples of Christ in Albania, Eastern Europe and beyond.

The Prengas are now the National Campus Directors for Albania and Kosovo. They are overseeing the entire campus ministry which represents 6 different campuses, 50 full-time staff and 100 volunteers. Recently, Gusti accepted the call to join the Student Ministry  Leadership Team for Eastern Europe as a part-time role which oversees 20 countries.


Contact:  Agustin Prenga

Ways to Serve:
- Come participate in one of our "camps" we put on for the students (these happen in July and March). Help lead discussions, work on their English, hang out with students and run behind the scenes for these conferences.
- Come and visit and hang out with the students and help them practice their English.
- Join our effort the third week of October to reach freshman students with the gospel.

Ways to Pray
- Pray for ongoing evangelistic efforts among students. This fall we want to reach 45000 freshman’s nation-wide.
- Pray for our discipleship: Our goal as campus ministry efforts will be to raise and equip  500 student, new christian leaders (future leaders of the society church and family).
- Pray that in next 3 years we will have near each campus (we are in 5 cities) a local church that is welcoming for students and supports the campus ministry.
- Pray for Gusti and Jeta to nurture an intimate relationship with each other and God as they seek to know Jesus more and Make Him known.