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The Lauderdales - Europe
James and Julie serve with EFCA's Reach Global and have been in Central & Eastern Europe for 22 years. James is on the Strategic Partnering Team, whose main role is to seek out and expand partnerships with like-minded, kingdom-focused partners in countries, primarily where ReachGlobal does not have residential staff. Much of his work is done in conjunction with the European Evangelical Alliance and the European Evangelical Mission Association.



Julie is the Middle School Principal at International Christian School of Budapest, serving grades 6, 7, and 8 (about 75 students) and overseeing about 25 full-time and part-time teachers.



As of August 2017, both of their children will be at Wheaton College in Illinois; Will as a Junior and Katia as a Freshman.

Contact: James Lauderdale

Ways to Serve:
- Although we are not serving in Berlin, this city has become a very central focus for ReachGlobal and we are focusing much effort on the city- recruiting workers to go there as missionaries and/or trying to find people who work in multi-national corporations who might be able to relocate there.  We would love for people from GBC to take an active role in mobilizing people to Berlin.

Ways to Pray:
- Pray for the different mission leaders to desire to work together and for this to grow and do great things for the Lord
- Pray for more missionaries to serve in Berlin
- Pray for James and his travel- he has lots of travel mostly in and around Europe
- Pray for wisdom and direction in ways to move and grow forward in the missions movement