Community Groups

At GBC, we believe that our greatest spiritual growth takes place in the context of community. Because of this, participation in a Community Group is seen as an integral part of the Christian life at GBC.

Before signing up for a Community Group, we want to ensure that you have completed a Growth Group. Participation in a Growth Group is a foundation for our church body. If you have not completed a Growth Group, use the following LINK to register for a Growth Group.

Fall 2017 Community Group Information

To register for a Fall 2017 Community Group please use the following LINK. In order to register, you will need to log-in using your GBC Connect account.

Community Group Information

  • Preferences: On the registration form, you will be able to select preferences based on topic (options listed below), night, (Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday) as well as area of town.
  • Location and Time: Community Groups meet in host homes throughout the city on various nights of the week from 7:30-9:30 PM. If you would like to host the group, please make note of it on the registration form. Groups will begin meeting the week of September 10.
  • Curriculum: You will be able to pay for the Community Group curriculum on the registration form. You will receive the curriculum at your first meeting. If you are interested in a scholarship for the curriculum cost, email Mimi Epps.
  • Spouse: If your spouse is also signing up for a group, you must complete separate registration forms.

In order to encourage opportunities for discipleship with those older or younger than you, each Community Group is filled with people of varying ages and stages of life. We will do our best to accommodate requests but cannot guarantee you will receive your first preferences.

Community Group Topics

Through the prophet Isaiah, the Lord pronounced judgment on the proud who sought to save themselves. But through Isaiah God also comforted the humble with glimpses of a Prince of Peace. Learn more about the book of Isaiah in the 18 sessions of this classic Bible study.

From its beginnings among Jesus’ disciples, the church exploded into a worldwide force in just a few years. How? Jesus left His followers with a mission, and the Spirit of God moved mightily through them to fulfill it. The 20 sessions of this Bible study on the book of Acts examine Luke’s account of how the gospel spread and challenge us to know and live out our mission in the world.

1 Corinthians
To a proud and prosperous church, the Apostle Paul writes a stern reminder: Take your eyes off impressive externals and instead practice purity, humility, and love. His practical instructions concerning factions, sexuality, spiritual gifts, and worship remain profoundly relevant for believers pursuing genuine spiritual maturity. The 17 lessons of this study of 1 Corinthians deal with doctrine, grace, joy, and love.

Women’s Community Groups
To register for a Women’s Community Group, use the following LINK.

Men’s Community Groups
To register for a Men’s Community Group, use the following LINK.


For any further questions regarding a Community Group, email Mimi Epps.