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NightLight - Thailand

NightLight is an international organization committed to addressing the complex issues of commercial sexual exploitation through prevention, intervention, restoration and education.

GBC specifically partners with their work being done in Thailand.  Located in the red-light district of Nana Sukhumvit in Bangkok, NightLight maintains a presence building relationships with women and children and offering them a way out of their situation.  They have a jewelry business offering employment as well as intervention for women, families and communities affected by the global sex industry.  NightLight provides small group sessions for personal development and other skills, childcare for women employed there, emergency relief for women and children at risk, advocacy on behalf of those working in the sex industry and more.  They are about to open a coffee house that will be an outreach center and ministry in the red-light district.

Contact: Natalie Shirley

Ways to Serve:
- Host a jewelry party (selling jewelry plays a huge role in keeping the women employed and allowing more women to be employed)
- Attend a short-term mission trip
- Become a NightLight representative

Ways to Pray: 
- Pray that NightLight continues to build trusting relationships through bar visits and raise awareness about the sex trade
- Pray for the 60 women that are currently employed with NightLight and for their transition and relationship with the Lord (praise that they made the brave choice to leave and come for help!)
- Pray for more jewelry to be sold so 20 more women can be employed
- Pray that the women and children would come to find and understand the love, mercy and healing power of Jesus Christ
- Pray the public continues to be educated on all of the consequences and wrongdoings of prostitution and trafficking
- Pray for the men who are either running the business or seeking services- pray that they are convicted and turn away from this