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Our Philosophy

GBC strives to foster an environment where the safety, physical and emotional needs of your child are met while you are not present.  Our next goal is to serve you by providing more than just childcare – we think of the nursery as the launching pad for nurturing the faith of the next generation.  Our nurseries are staffed with professionals we call Nursery Pro’s, as well as a multitude of volunteers who have been vetted through an application process and background check.

Volunteers make it their mission to care for the basic needs of your child while also instilling simple truths for babies beginning to learn language. We pray for each child by name and on many occasions, a musician will softly sing and play guitar for each nursery. Our desire is that you and your children will see glimpses of God through the ministry of the godly people who care for them. (To sign up to volunteer in the Nursery, click here. - the link is currently down, please email Terri)

We provide nursery childcare during all three services.

Preschool Classes

Nursery: GBC offers four nurseries to accommodate the age appropriate demands of our littlest members. The Infant Nursery is for children who are 2 months to crawling.  The Crawler Nursery is for children who are sitting up, crawling and some beginner toddling. Both of the Walker Nurseries are for babies who are steadier on their feet up to 2 years of age.

2 - 5 years old: After graduating out of the nursery children are assigned to Sunday School classes by age and will move up to the older class on or around their birthday.

Every child must be registered in the GBC security system. Visitors will be asked to complete a Visitor Form provided by one of the Greeters, who will also walk you through the process of checking your child into Sunday school and finding the correct nursery.

Your Child’s Arrival

To make the check-in process goes quickly and smoothly, we ask that ALL items are properly labeled with your child’s name. This includes diapers, bottles or cups/lids and security items (pacifier, blanket, etc.). Labels are available during the check-in process or blank labels are available outside each nursery.

Check-in begins fifteen minutes before the start of each service and remains open throughout the service. For the babies’ protection and overall cleanliness of the environment, only Nursery Pro’s and volunteers are allowed in the room. All mothers are invited to use the Nursing Room, which is attached to the Infant Nursery, to feed their child at any time. Sorry, no dads allowed.

If we will be feeding your baby, please prepare the bottle in advance. We have Cheerios for babies older than one year; however, if your child is restricted from certain kinds of foods, it is important that you notify the Nursery Pro or volunteer. 

Your Child’s Security

Once you have checked your child into the nursery, you will receive a name tag for your child and a “receipt” tag with a number on it. We ask that you place the receipt on your clothing or keep it in your possession. Upon retrieving your child, you will be required to produce the receipt before the child will be given to you. This is just one part of our security protocol.

During the service, we will make all attempts to console a baby that is upset. We will text you if we are unable to console after 10 minutes of continuous crying and we ask that you return to the nursery immediately. Please bring your receipt – same protocols are in place for turning over a child in the middle of service as they are for the end.

Other children may not pick up a baby from the nursery, regardless of receipt. Only adults with the proper receipt may retrieve a child.

Your Child’s Health

We love all babies but if they are sick, please do not bring them to the nursery.  Our policy restricts babies from entering the nursery if they have following symptoms in the past 24 hours:

*    Suspected fever                                                  *    Diarrhea or vomiting
*    Consistent coughing and sneezing                     *    Colored nasal discharge
*    Any discharge from the eyes                               
*    Any communicable disease manifesting in a rash

Terri Langford
Preschool Coordinator

Volunteer Opportunities