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Love People Not Pixels

Love People Not Pixels (LPNP) exists to inspire adults and youth to engage in open dialogue regarding the negative impact that viewing pornography has on individuals, relationships and society. We do this through education, empathy-based coaching and advocacy work.

It is no surprise that millions of children and adults have fallen into porn’s “triple A” storm (Anonymity, Affordability & Accessibility) and have become hooked on viewing pornography.  Research, statistics and our own personal experiences tell us that people of all ages are being physically, psychologically, socially and spiritually damaged by pornography at an alarming rate and the effects are devastating.

Get informed and learn why life’s better without porn.

Contact: Beau Abdulla

Ways to Serve:
- Facilitate a Let’s Talk small group.  LPNP will provide you with a leader’s guide and the support you need to lead conversations about the truth and dangers of porn.
- Join our coaching / mentoring team.  
- Contact your local and state legislators and tell them you want this issue to be a priority.  
- Financially support LPNP with a monthly recurring or one-time tax free donation.

Ways to Pray:
- Pray for people to be healed and released from the bondage of pornography.
- Pray for broken relationships caused by pornography to be made whole again. 
- Pray for protection and safety.
- Pray for wisdom and discernment.
- Pray for courage to get more people speaking about this and sharing their stories.
- Pray for people in positions of influence to take a stand on this issue.
- Pray for LPNP to find a social media coordinator and graphic artist who are passionate about this issue.
- Pray for LPNP to find an artist advocate.
- Pray for people to desire to be advocates for the movement and to lead Let’s Talk in small groups all over the country.
- Pray for LPNP to be fully funded and what role you are being called to in this.